About Me

About Me

Those who know me well, understand that I like to keep busy, as active as possible and always challenge myself to live life to the full. My initials spell CAN and I have a B positive blood type so I’m sure that it’s built in and part of my drive to enjoy life and be as happy and healthy as I can be. I am a working Mum, dual business owner, with a combined family of six children and therefore need all the help I can get to gain the most from a day.

I am grateful that I am active again after some major spinal surgery gave me a second chance at finding fitness once more. Due to never telling myself I CAN’T and keeping fit and well in the years leading up to my operation, it meant I could recover faster and get back to being an active Mum again and able to kick a football with my kids or even tie my shoelaces without agony. I am forever grateful for that life-changing moment. In the months preceding this time, I was introduced to a healthy living plan by a good friend, which helped me discover cleaner eating, lose the post-op weight, cleanse after years of medication and gave me the tools to live a little better and make better choices for my family. Therefore, my businesses have been motivated by actively listening to my like-minded peers about what it is they’re looking for locally and beyond to help make some positive changes to their daily lives in a holistic way in the same way as I did.

I love giving back to others and motivating those around me to be the best version of themselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Allow yourself a little time to start thinking YOU CAN not YOU CAN’T and you too can make little changes everyday to improve your lifestyle. A little bit of exercise and a little bit of habit changing can go a long way to helping you feel happier and healthier.

Thanks for visiting and please don’t hesitate to send an enquiry if you’d like to know more.

Kindest regards,

Christie Nelson. xo